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SPAA® was established in 2005 by its founding partner, Filippo Vitulli, with the idea to develop an industrial project of “Sustainable Agriculture”. Today SPAA® ltd. represents a young, reliable and innovative Italian production reality in the “Vegetable Nutrition” segment.

Since the early years Spaa Agricoltura, called as follows until 2012, have focused its research on the production of nutrient recovery formulas under the brand named nutriRESIstenza®. A special line of fertilizers characterized by a dual and synergistic action on the plant, which, in addition to satisfying plants specific nutritional deficiencies, induces and promotes elicitors activity against phytophagous insects and pathogens. It complements the lines of Growth Fortifiers and Growth Promoters that encourage all the cellular metabolism of the plant and its recovery from the biotic and abiotic stress phases.

In 2013, the procedure of registering for REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) of Potassium Phosphite production has also been completed. SPAA® enhances the production line of Potassium Phosphite by turning to the industrial market and by taking advantage of industrial market know-how for formulating a differentiated line of phosphite-based fertilizers enriched with plant extracts.

In 2014 for SPAA® occurs another meaningful phase of prosperity and expansion with the company’s decision to support and develop a new research study, executed in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Chemistry of the University of Aquila, aimed at realization of an enzyme hydrolysis machinery of “Hydrolysed Plant Proteins”.

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SPAA S.r.l.
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Production of fertilizers and biostimulants.


We obtain raw materials of plant origin through biochemical extraction methods. Raw materials favor active plant defenses and improve production.The growing interest in the research for substances with natural bio-stimulant activity on plants, pushes SPAA® to launch a research and experimentation project for the study of nutraceutical properties of some raw materials of vegetable origin. Thanks to the SPAA®’s technology as well as methodology of system and product, the great potential of the “natural world” is transformed into natural alternative technical solutions, which are complementary for the “agricultural world”. The results that emerged from R & D are concretized in industrial production of plants’ extracts that extend the specialised off er of natural formulations, diff erentiating in a line of plant growth and conservation promoters derived from plant extracts and a line of plant promoters of root and vegetative development.


SPAA® is aware of the importance of Research and Development for the achievement of an improving performance and competitiveness. SPAA® focuses on energy of ideas to reach an open innovation.


Proper nutrition is the best answer for the care of ourselves and others, thus the plant nutrition has a vital signifi cance in human health and eco-environmental balance.


Our mission is to research and produce with passion and professionalism innovative nutriRESIstant formulations obtained from natural raw materials, suitably selected with quality and safety. Th e SPAA® formulations are designed for agricultural enterprises engaged in the sustainability of integrated and organic productions.


For SPAA®, the most crucial issue in every-day business processes is the quality. It is ensured through accurate selection of raw materials, research and development of highly innovative products, training of human resources and their involvement, analysis of customers’ needs and their feedback, management of safety and working environment, evaluation and
improvement of proper performance.

In 2014 SPAA® got certification ISO 9001 Quality System, the norm that fulfills international requirements in order to provide customer satisfaction and to improve company’s effectiveness and efficiency standards.

Certification ISO 9001


SPAA® develops innovative nutrients and biostimulants to increase the quantification of agricultural production and plant resistance to biotic and abiotic adversities.