BIOPROM® “biopromotional” plant with biostimulating action

BIOPROM®, “biopromotional” 100% vegetable with biostimulating and anti-stress action, is a natural and innovative formulation.

The product is characterized by a high concentration of SURNAN®, a protein hydrolyzate of corn gluten, patented and produced by SPAA®.

Its composition, with a high content of natural growth promoters (with a calibrated ratio between natural auxins and cytokinins, sterols, free amino acids and peptides smaller than 1100 Da), has been designed so that BIOPROM®:

  • has a cell division promoting action,
  • induces the formation of buds,
  • prepare the plant for better flowering,
  • favors fruit set and fruit growth.

Used in the strategies of elongating the rachis of grapes with seeds and seedless, BIOPROM® induces a natural elongation of the bunches while nourishing the plant without altering the vegetative-productive balance.

The images of the results in the field ( photo above ) highlight the effect of distension also of the lateral racemes of the rachis, contributing to obtaining a more sparse bunch and less susceptible to damage deriving from environmental stress.

The activity of glycinbetaine , proline and plant sterols allows an improvement in the photosynthetic process of the plant which results in greater vegetative development and better absorption of nutrients even in conditions of biotic and abiotic stress .

It is therefore recommended to use it also in the phases of berry enlargement in combined action with algae and plant growth regulators to rebalance the plant from the stress induced by the effect of the latter.