ENGROS Bio & SURNAN S in Poland

We are glad to inform you that SPAA® obtained 2 certificates of product qualification for use in organic farming issued by The Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute, Puławy, Poland. The products included in the Register of fertilisers qualified for use in organic farming in Poland are the following: Engros® Bio certificate number NE/582/2021 of 23/04/2021; Surnan® S certificate number NE/598/2021 of 28/06/2021. In Poland these fertilisers can be purchased from our local distributor: Vomero,  Wrocław,  phone:  +48 664 806 095,

BIOPROM® “biopromotional” plant with biostimulating action

BIOPROM®, “biopromotional” 100% vegetable with biostimulating and anti-stress action, is a natural and innovative formulation. The product is characterized by a high concentration of SURNAN®, a protein hydrolyzate of corn gluten, patented and produced by SPAA®. Its composition, with a high content of natural growth promoters (with a calibrated ratio between natural auxins and cytokinins, sterols, free amino acids and peptides smaller than 1100 Da), has been designed so that BIOPROM®: has a cell division promoting action, induces the formation of buds, prepare the plant

SEARCH for Commercial Agents for Central and Northern Italy

In view of the strengthening of our technical commercial structure WE RESEARCH •  Commercial Agents for Central and Northern Italy The resources will take care of the brand promotion activities in the area of ​​competence and the research and development of new contacts, carrying out product sales activities and guaranteeing adequate technical assistance to support sales. Requirements required • Degree or diploma in agricultural sciences and similar. • Knowledge and technical-commercial experience in the sector of protection and special nutrition of plants. • Excellent knowledge of the territory

Bioregulator 100% vegetable natural bioregulator

From SPAA ® research a natural bioregulator from 100% vegetable protein hydrolyzate obtained from corn gluten proteins SURNAN ® is a 100% vegetable protein hydrolyzate obtained from corn gluten proteins with a content of natural, biostimulating active substances, corresponding to a dry matter value of 36.5% w / w. The innovative natural raw material, the result of R&D Spaa ® , is characterized by the presence of several types of biomolecules that give the product its innovative characteristic in carrying out

Zolfo-Pro® Special

Sulfur Pro Special® : natural fortifier to improve the quality of U Sulfur Pro Special® is the original biological formulation of the Nutriresistenza® SPAA® line with a nutritional and fortifying action of the plant in improving its response to environmental stresses. The high quality of the emulsion based on natural substances makes Sulfur Pro Special® also an excellent partner of the most common technical means used by manufacturers thanks to its wide miscibility and reduction of the risks of use at high temperatures. Sulfur Pro