SURNAN® e DORI®: The innovative biostimulation endorsed with CE marking

“SURNAN® & DORI®: innovative biostimulation”

SPAA® is very proud to present its CE marked biostimulants:

  • SURNAN®, registered on 01/05/2023, is the first CE marked vegetable protein hydrolysate.
  • DORI®, registered on 24/10/2023 is a fluid paste biostimulant, based on a Special combination of natural dry sulphur and hydrolysed corn gluten.

These two innovative products have been registered as CE Biostimulants according to EU Reg. 1009/2019, which provides for stringent requirements and multiple field tests that attest the declared claims.

For more information about Surnan® and Dori®, please download the below brochures in English and Italian.

Additionally, the Kugel® line brochure which includes basic substances and plant extracts.

Italian’s brochure

English’s brochure



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