Bioregulator 100% vegetable natural bioregulator

From SPAA ® research a natural bioregulator from 100% vegetable protein hydrolyzate obtained from corn gluten proteins

SURNAN ® is a 100% vegetable protein hydrolyzate obtained from corn gluten proteins with a content of natural, biostimulating active substances, corresponding to a dry matter value of 36.5% w / w.

The innovative natural raw material, the result of R&D Spaa ® , is characterized by the presence of several types of biomolecules that give the product its innovative characteristic in carrying out a biostimulating activity deriving from the combined action of free amino acids, low molecular weight peptides, sterols, as well as the natural presence of plant growth regulators .

Free amino acids 8.3% w / w
Peptides <1000 Da 11.5% w / w
Natural growth regulators 9160-9380 ppm
Sterols 1330 ppm

The experimentation of Surnan ® , carried out through official test centers and field tests on the main crops, highlights its effectiveness in improving the quality and yield of productions thanks to the efficacy of the biostimulation action of the groups of active substances in the different phases. the phenological conditions in which the product was tested.

  • It stimulates the metabolism of the plant by improving the absorption and assimilation of nutritional elements
  • Promotes the development of the root system
  • It gives vigor and increases the photosynthetic activity of the plant
  • It stimulates flowering and favors fruit setting
  • Increase tolerance to abiotic stresses

Not everyone knows that the corn gluten, from which Surnan ® is born , is a by-product of the ” wet milling ” process for the separation of the amide fraction of corn and that the amino acid fraction of gluten is not easily absorbed by the plant or at radical or at the leaf level. Only through a careful process of hydrolysis the protein chains of corn gluten, consisting of zein, are broken down and the amino acids made available.

CESHy.V technology . ® ( Selective and Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Vegetal Proteins ) developed by SPAA® has allowed to maximize the protein hydrolysis process and the breakdown of 100% of peptide bonds . This production technology also allows the other complex bioactive molecules present in non-protein corn gluten to be solubilized and readily available . The whole process has been designed to preserve all the biomolecules present in corn gluten proteins and their functionality. The control of the production process through the use of advanced technologies has also allowed the high stabilization of the product.

SPAA ® , which exhibited the first scientific poster Surnan® at the “3th Biostimulants World Congress” ( MIAMI, November 2017 ) entitled “SURNAN ® An Innovative Biostimulant from Corn Gluten: process description, product composition and properties” and a second poster at the “4th Biostimulants World Congress” ( Barcelona, November 2019 ), proposes itself to the market by offering a new natural raw material that enriches the important sector of technical means developed for the sustainability of agricultural production .